Kat Von D Beauty

Firstly I would like to say that I think Kat Von D Beauty may be one of my top three favourite makeup brands (big statement, I know). But Kat Von D herself is also someone who I adore. All of her own morals and the things that she likes, she injects into her own brand, and I love that about her.

So, to the beauty part about this post. KVD Beauty, an edgy, unique and fun makeup brand (which is all the things I like to create in my own makeup looks) which is cruelty free and vegan! The one thing I love about the brands look and designs is that Kat Von D herself designs all of the packaging for the makeup.

I want to talk about probably the two most popular makeup items from the brand which is the Shade and Light contour palette and also the KVD Lock it foundation (which I will write about in a separate blog post!).

KVD Shade and Light palette. 

I have to admit the KVD Shade and Light Palette is my all time favourite contour palette. As you can see from the photo, you can tell it’s a well loved palette but its also pretty obvious which two shades are my fave.

The packaging itself is very sturdy and durable, and the design of the packaging is gorgeous. My palette is actually the old design as in the UK were unable to get the new packaging on the debenhams website. Although I really do love this design and I still do think the matte black makes it looks very sleek. In the UK off of the debenhams website the palette costs £37.00. I think this price is very reasonable considering how many high quality shades you get in there but also because of how long the actual product lasts you. I am also very happy to spend my money on a brand devoted to cruelty free beauty.

The actual product itself is so smooth and buttery and is so easy to blend. Saying that, if you do layer up the product without blending in between it can be a little difficult, but with a little bit of work it looks so lovely on the skin. For my skin tone in particular I mainly stick to the first shade in the palette which is called “sombre”. This shade is a cool toned shade and I strictly use this for contour (although there are no rules to makeup). I then like to use the middle shade which is called “shadowplay” to help blend the contour but to also use as a bronzer. After I have contoured I do like to bake underneath it to clean it up, but to also give a sharper line. For the “light” part if the shades I mainly use the middle banana powder shade which is called “lyric” and I like to use this shade to highlight underneath my eyes and also my T-zone area, basically all the points where I put concealer to highlight my face. I don’t always use this shade to bake underneath my contour, but when I do I use the shade “lucid” which is the first shade in the palette. I also love to use this palette in my crease on my eyes for when i’m feeling lazy and just want a simple makeup look. The palette is very travel friendly as you are able to use the palette and the shades for many different things.

Overall, I would personally really recommend the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette. It’s such a versatile palette and it also lasts you a really, really long time.

See you soon!
ND x


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    • I have yes- im going to be writing a blog post soon! but yeah i love the foundation and is now one of my go tos! i would recommend getting a colour match at one of the KVD counters as its such a high coverage foundation! xx

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